Can a Psychic Life Coach help?

If you answer one or more of these questions with a yes, I will be able to help you:

    Are you dissatisfied with your job/career/relationship and feel a change is necessary however don’t know what direction or steps to take? Are you afraid to make those changes for fear of failure?
    Are you having the same arguments/issues over and over again? Do you want things to improve however for some reason they stay the same?
    Are you wondering if there are things about yourself that you could change to evolve? Do you feel there is more to life?
    Do you want know what is holding you back?

What is a Psychic Life Coach?

Coaches provide guidance, inspiration and motivation to help you achieve your goals. They help you develop a new awareness about yourself to take the necessary steps to improve your life. I as a Psychic Life Coach will help you reach the same goal, however I also consider the status of your aura, your energies and emotions in your current situation.

How do they work?

I use a combination of psychic reading, spiritual guidance, inner vision and intuition to customise and personalise each session with you. I will listen to you without any judgment. All sessions will be kept absolutely confidential.

Sessions are powerful and may address many issues like:
• Releasing conditioning and limiting patterns & beliefs, unprocessed emotion & other held energy.
• Clearing blocks to abundance, success and prosperity.
• Guidance on awakening your intuition and spiritual sight.
• Support in discovering your direction and purpose.

My Psychic Life Coaching sessions are either:
• One to one (in person) or
• Remote (by distance) by phone or Skype.
Psychic guidance and energetic healing is not limited by physical space so being face-to-face is not necessary.

For more information or to book a session please:
• Call my mobile 0490 138 588 or
• Send me an email @: or
• Visit my webpage