Juggling Energy to improve your Life

Juggling Energy

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I have been looking at ways to unload myself of unwanted energy and the following has helped me. It has taken me a long time to realise that life is meant to be lived and experience, not to be worked away. Please note that the following are only ideas and thoughts that can be used or disregarded YOUR CHOICE!. I hope you enjoy!.

Removing Negative Energy in Your Life
Life is energy and everywhere we go there is energy. According to various religions in each of us we possess the same energy that created the stars in the sky as well as the soil of the earth. But energy can either be good or bad; positive or negative. Negative energy normally stems from evil thoughts, bad acts and chaos. Positive energy on the other hand flows from love, kindness, selflessness, compassion and peace.

How do we attract more positive energy over negative energy. How do we cleanse ourselves of dark and gloomy energy?

Attracting Positive Energy
The Buddha refers to suffering and how it affects our life, our death and reincarnation. He says that everything around us, even the pleasure in life bring about suffering. Suffering is the key note of negative energy.

When we have positive energy, we wake up happy and refreshed in the morning. We face life’s challenges with only a smile and an acceptance of it. This allows us to be kind to our fellow Human being.

Being positive begins with you. Being positive begins with a choice. We must remember that life is full of choices; all we need to do is choose.

Banishing Negative Energy
Negative energy makes it difficult to be happy and positive. It sucks the energy out of you. It makes you feel angry or stressed or confused, however this can be banished. Negative energy can be removed. To remove negative energy, one must first cleanse one’s life. A clean life helps you move through life more pleasantly.

1. Get rid of negative people
Negative people causes you to feel negative emotions. They can make you lose your temper or make you angry. Of course you must control your anger, but if this person does not help you to your path to enlightenment, free yourself from him or her.

If your relationship is too toxic, be it a friend, a wife, husband, relative or any person who turns your days sour, you have the option of leaving. You need not stay in a relationship that causes you to be hateful of others. If a person causes you to gossip, do ill things or feel always angry, then you can choice to leave that environment.

2. Get rid of clutter
Have you ever heard about Zen+Minimalism. Many people are adapting a Zen like approach in their houses and reducing the number of things they own.
Humans crave owning things. We feel happy when we have something new. But wanting new things never stops. The new becomes old and then we realize that our house is full of knickknacks that we don’t actually need.

By reducing the clutter in your house you allow more “chi” or life force to flow with in you space. The empty spaces give you a calming feeling. Ir allows you to feel relaxed and satisfied.

3. Eat clean
A lot of times our body feels sick and weak because of what we eat. We put junk into our bodies and hence we feel like trash. If you start eating clean, you will notice how wonderful you will feel. You will be free from sicknesses, get into an ideal weight, have more energy and be able to fight stress more.

4. Do not obsess about money
Money is a number and number never end. Buddha himself forsake money because he knew that obsessing about money will take away his freedom. Work well but do not overdo it. Spend money on your needs and you will never have too little. Learn how to save and balance your finances.

5. Try to live a simple life
Being able to live a simple life can help reduce negativity. If you live within your means then you can spend time doing other things as well.

6. Do not forget to meditate
Meditation helps improve your overall outlook in life. Try mantras and affirmations that call out positive vibes into your psyche. Remember that you can always meditate even for a few minutes to calm your senses and invite the positive energy with in.

7. Be compassionate

Compassion is the best way to invite positive energy. Kindness always is a pleasant energy that goes to both the recipient and the giver of kindness. Help others free themselves from afflictions and pain. Give food to the poor. Help an elderly. Feed stray animals. Give alms. You can always share what you have.

8. Avoid anger

Learning to master your emotions and thoughts can help you become more positive. Remove angry thoughts from your heart and live by kindness. Do not judge others. Avoid raising your voice. Speak with humility and positivity.

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