When you are buying a ticket and coming on Interactive Ghost Tour, you are agreeing with these terms and conditions.

You agree that are solely responsible for your own safety at all times. You further undertake that in the light of this understanding, in case of any mishap that Ross Spencer and the owners of any property that you may transit during our tours, will not be held liable for any personal injury or property damage arising from your participation in any activity related to us.

If you bring children or teenagers on the tour, the above applies to them too – with the proviso that they must be supervised by a responsible adult tour participant at all times. This designated adult assumes total responsibility for seeing to it they participate in an orderly, civil and polite manner, keeping them safe, and for their actions.

Anyone who chooses to be disruptive, unsafe or generally unpleasant will be asked to leave – and their ticket price is forfeit – that is, there will be no refunds given to anyone choosing to behave in an unpleasant or irresponsible manner on a tour.

We do not refund ticket purchases simply on the basis of an opinion that we were not scary enough for a particular person’s taste. A person’s fear threshold is an entirely personal thing much like a sense of humour. We simply endeavour to deliver the best tour that we can, and you are completely responsible for your own emotional state and reactions to that. With that being said, we are open to constructive feedback.

Our tours are a mixture of historic information, entertainment and the potential for paranormal experience. We won’t guarantee that you will see, hear or feel a ghost on any of our tours or investigation nights.

If you are perceived in any way to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs of any kind, we reserve the right to cancel your ticket and ask you to leave without the refund of the ticket. By putting yourself and others at risk due to your impaired judgement, you forfeit both the cost of the ticket and your right to participate in a tour.
You agree to promptly follow the requests of Ross Spencer and his staff at all times during the running of the tour – they will be in the interests of your entertainment and safety.

We do not use the tours to change your beliefs about the paranormal but to engage you in a conversation about the possibilities. You may hear information that is challenging – if you have issues with this please discuss them before booking a tour.

Cameras are encouraged (you may get a great pic of a ghost) but if you wish to use a video recorder we ask that you notify us via email prior to tour commencement. No recordings may be uploaded to You Tube/Facebook or personal or commercial websites without permission from Ross Spencer.

If you are running late we ask that you notify us via mobile (0490 138 588) to ensure that we do not leave without you.

Please note: no refunds will be given on cancellations made within 12 hours of tour commencement. It is your responsibility to notify us of your inability to attend in enough time to enable us to fill your spot on the tour with others who may be on our waiting list for that event.

All walking tours require the wearing of comfortable shoes and a medium fitness level (terrain includes crossing streets and hills).