Bare Island Ghost Tour 24-10-2015.

First of all I like to thank everyone for coming and hope that you all had a wonderful time.

The night began in the Museum on Bare Island where I used my abilities to open people up to connect with spirit and prepared them for their spirit encounters.

The Island didn’t disappoint anyone, we had great spirit contacts. The first encounter came when Sonya was explaining and demonstrating the “Voice box” in the Museum. Sonya asked spirit to give some kind of sound to let the attendees know that they were there. After a few minutes rapping was heard by all on the windows. We checked that there was no material outside that could have touched the window pane, the weather was mild with a light wind. This was great evidence of spirit being present. When touring around the fort attendees felt and sensed their presence, the energy was very high and just amazing.

Yet in the last part of the evening the event got thrilling. Here we were able to experience a combination of spirit communication, scientific equipment and someone recognising the spirit.
We were in one of the smaller rooms of the fort. On entering the room I felt a spirit so I started to give evidence of who it was. Meanwhile Sonya used her ghost hunting equipment to validate that the spirit was there and at the same time a lady recognised that it was her relative. Each time I gave a piece of evidence and the lady started to talk to her relative, the equipment would react. Not only was it great evidence for the whole group it was also a healing experience for the lady to know that her loved one was still around her. I was so blessed to enable this.
It was amazing to see attendees who have never seen, felt or heard spirit before experience it for the first time and witness them connecting with spirit.

I like to remind all attendees that you must close you down after the tour to desensitise you. If you have any problems please contact me.

If anyone has pictures of this tour that they would like to share please send them to me and I’ll post them on this page. Thank you.

I am looking forward to the next tour on Bare Island which will be held on the 5th December 2015. Tickets will be available soon on my web page and Facebook event page. Please note that we have exclusive night access for Ghost Tours.

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